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Escrito por Melissa Toppen

Claimed by You de Melissa Toppen


Scarlett Ryan has done everything in her power to move beyond the pain of her past. But sometimes, the past finds a way back into the present….

For Scarlett, leaving home and moving to Maine directly after high school was her only option. Trapped by controlling, manipulative parents, she knew the only way she would ever be free was to leave California and never come back.

So when Scarlett agrees to fly across the country to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of her high school best friend, her plan is simple. Get in, get out. Should be easy enough.

What Scarlett doesn’t expect is to come face to face with the first man she ever loved. The man who took her innocence and then broke her heart. The man, that to this day, no other man has been able to live up to.

But Scarlett has come too far to be derailed by the likes of Westin Carver. Commanding, beautiful, and full of charm, Westin has his sights set directly on the one girl he should have never let go. Determined to get her back, Scarlett finds herself in the middle of an emotional whirlwind that she can’t seem to escape.

Do people ever really change?
Will she be able to forgive the past?
Can they find a way to be together no matter what the cost, or will their love once again be torn away by the power of lies and deceit?

Intended for mature audiences. Claimed by You is a gripping, passionate tale of two people and their struggle to reclaim not only their lives, but the love they once found in each other.

This is a standalone novel.


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Westin will be your next BBF! He’s a sexy charmer you will love!
Scarlett Ryan goes “home” to be a bridesmaid for her best friend and plans to only go to the wedding and get the hell out of town. She doesn’t want to run into her parents, whom she ran away from in the first place. Little does she know, she runs into the one man that broke her back in high school. He up and left one day without a word, Scarlett never knew why.
Westin Carver has grown up and looks better than ever and he’s very successful. He refuses to let Scarlett go again. He starts to visit Scarlett at her bakery, which she owns with her aunt in Maine. She loves this town and never plans to leave. She will never move back to California to be near her manipulative parents.
“I am in love with you and I want to be with you, for real. I want commitment and dates and holding hands on the sidewalk. I want it all.”
Claimed by You is a powerful story of a man and woman who have never gotten over their first loves and try to find a way back to each other after 8 years. There are some twists that will leave you in shock! Claimed by you is a must read, the steamy hot sex scenes is definitely panty melting. I absolutely loved Westin, he is a charmer ladies. I may have just found another BBF to add to my list.
“It’s here, in moments like this, that I remember how and why I love Westin as deeply and as unconditionally as I do. Such a strong powerful man and yet with me, his vulnerability knows no bounds.”

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